Alberto Franchetti
Deutsche Oper Berlin

DVD Capriccio 93518

When I initially heard the b’cast of radio I was not flabbergasted by Franchetti’s music (we all know the single aria of course going from Caruso to José Cura’s rendition) nor by some of the singers.
Seeing the work on my flatscreen changes that opinion though not drastically. It is indeed an enjoyable work compared to all the modern trash heaped upon us by present-day inadequate opera house directors and composers. Moreover this DVd is a world-premiere recording of a once more or less popular work and deserves to be purchased if only for its rarity value and when else are you going to see this work?

Not much is know about Franchetti’s life and works and even Harvey Sach’s ‘Music in Italy’ doesn’t even mention him. A serious omission. Most info is available in the excellent booklet accompanying the recording of his Cristoforo Colombo on Koch.