Die Deluxe-edition zum 80. Geburtstag
Limitierte Edition  DGG 4803734


In Germany Fritz Wunderlich is now sort of reaching Maria Callas status by being milked endlessly by record companies. Several boxed editions have appeared the last couple of years and fans and non-fans alike can hardly see the wood for the trees. Yet this economically priced edition is indeed worth purchasing. It contains 7 Cd’s including unpublished material on cd 7 and a real retro ’45 rpm’ in the polydor vinyl edition  with two never before available songs. Moreover there’s a 120 pp hard cover book included –German only- with loads of unpublished photographs and memorabilia. It also contains a Cd-cover discography which is not complete but still if Wunderlich is your kind of tenor grab the opportunity to purchase this collector’s item while it lasts.