(all photos courtesy Charles Mintzer)
6 CD’s   56001-2

As every self-respecting classical vocal record collector is a possible complete-ist this release should appeal to any one of them as this edition is another Marston marvel. (Jean-Emile) Vanni-Marcoux (1877-1962)  a former Milan barrister though born in Turin was above all a French singer. The singing actor  who chose in the end not to marry Mary Garden but the very wealthy Madeleine Morlay instead did not have the natural opulent vocal means of a Journet or a Payan. It’s his expressive delivery and his clear enunciation which draws our attention.  On the six cd’s you can listen to him in opera, classical song, traditional song and lighter repertoire which includes film songs and operetta amongst others.

Another asset is the marvellous 40 page booklet which makes releases as this still so welcome instead of the bland, impersonal, unattractive i-tunes or mp3’s. It’s full of beautifully reproduced photographs to which our very own Charles Mintzer contributed. It also contains  wonderful biographical notes  by Vincent Giroud someone whom we have praised elsewhere on the site as the author of several scholarly works.  The only remark we have is that the booklet contains a few typos which have been corrected on the liner notes on-line. Giroud also mistakenly gives Antwerp as the place of birth of Harry Fragson. It was London.  The CD release is really economically priced and again we’re in debt to Ward Marston for preserving these interesting recordings in such a fine way. He should get a Gramophone award for that.