TRE VOCI CATALANE  by  Maurizio Tiberi

Maria BARRIENTOS, Graziella PARETO, Mercedes CAPSIR

Edizioni del TIMAclub, 575 pp  June 2020,

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Several individuals have become institutions for the record collector: Otto Preiser from Vienna, Bongiovanni from Bologna, Malibran from Paris, Ward Marston from Philadelphia, Sid Gray and his Rubini records are just a few examples of personalities who made a big difference to our smaller and smaller collecting world. Add to this list the ever going strong Maurizio Tiberi from Rome initially with his LP label, then CD label (Clama) and eventually  his book label.

 In this series he has already published standard works of Lina Pagliughi, Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, Giovanni Martinelli, Gianna Pederzini, Benvenuto Franci and  Mario Basiola. All reviewed on our website.

Signor Tiberi now performed another miracle with the biographies of Barrientos, Pareto and Capsir. Three names well-known to the seasoned record collector whether from 78’s, Lp’s or Cd’s

This state of the art opus magnum not only contains fully researched biographies but also complete and annotated chronologies and discographies. A collector’s dream. The chronologies and discographies make the book also accessible and of great interest to the non-Italian speaker.  

Also included is an article by Giacomo Lauri-Volpi (Voci di Spagna), an article by Capsir on Barrientos,  and an interview with Mariella Devia who lives around the corner of the author.

The enormous amount of photos are a marvel as well and only add to the value of the book.

There is no general index but an index to the chronologies by Giorgio Feliciotti has been added as an extra to the book.

What an achievement! Bravo Maurizio Tiberi : long may you reign !!

Rudi van den Bulck, February 2021