MARK REIZEN, CD releases
Aquarius label

Reizen1 Reizen2

Like Lemeshev the Soviet bass Mark Reizen (1895-1992) doesn’t need any introduction to the serious record collector though for years it was hard to come by his recordings and his Melodya Lp’s only rarely turned up in the West. Things have changed now and the enterprising Russian Aquarius label has started to issue several Cd releases with his song repertoire going from German Lied to Russian and Ukranian folk songs. For his operatic repertoire we still have to refer to the two CD’s issued by Preiser.
His dark timbered and voluminous voice – with an occasional Kipnis touch – was ideally suited for the leading Russian bass roles but it is equally impressive in Schubert or Schumann as these recent releases show. The voice is resonant and maintained lots of its original beauty until old age. His warm, rich voice and his great nobility made him unique in his day. To this day he remains without a successor.
The transfers on these Cd’s are fine and the CD’s are available on ebay at very reasonable prices.